Tips for Maintaining Garage Door Opener


Take care of the garage door openers that you do have. If you do not properly maintain your garage door openers, they are bound to have more garage door opener repair Portsmouth VA with time.

Garage door openers are one of the most convenient and common types of garage door hardware. Without their convenience, many would find it impossible to park and drive in and out of their garage. When your garage door opener begins to malfunction, it is important to know how to maintain them so that they continue to run effortlessly. This can be accomplished with minimal effort, so never fear—there are easy ways to keep your garage door opener working properly.


Simple Tips for Maintaining Garage Door Opener

  1. Know Where the Troubleshooting Manual Is 

After installing your new garage door opener, they should come with a troubleshooting manual. Keep this manual in an easily accessible location, like your garage or office. If you find that your opener is malfunctioning and you cannot find the manual, it is easy to find a list of common troubleshooting steps. Sometimes you can Google search your make and model with keywords like “troubleshooting” or “repair guide.”

  1. Clean Out Your Garage

If you want your garage door opener to run smoothly, then you need to keep your garage organized. Remove all items from the garage floor and keep tools in their designated areas. Keep any flammable liquids or other dangerous material stored away safely. If you have a workbench, make sure it is free of clutter to allow for proper ventilation underneath the benchtop.

  1. Check for Loose Wires

Before using your garage door opener, it is crucial that you inspect the wiring and cables associated with your opener. This includes checking for any frayed or loose wires and making sure all wires are connected tightly to the electrical box and/or motor unit. If you find any loose or damaged parts, contact a garage door repair company immediately to prevent further damage.