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Snow Tires

There are a lot of questions in the mind of people about winter tires. The most popular question which people ask is, “Do I even need winter tires?”  There is no need to waste your time being confused about tires as here are the answers to some of the most common winter tire questions.

Do I need winter tires?

This question can be a little tough to answer because there are a lot of variables involved in it. The most important thing on which it depends is temperature. If the winter temperature of the place where you live is less than 45 degrees F, then you must buy a set of four new snow tires. But if you live in a place where the snow is rare and the winter temperatures are mild, then all season tires would work well.

Snow Tires

How are winter tires different than all season tires?

There are a variety of road conditions which can be handled with all season tires, like dry roads, wet roads and even light snow. The winter tires are designed specifically so that they can perform in winter conditions like ice, slush and in low temperatures. There are some special rubber compounds used in winter tires which would provide better grip and improved braking in extreme conditions.

Do I really need to buy four winter tires or can I get away with just two?

You must know this thing that the winter tires should always be installed in sets of four; it doesn’t matter if your vehicle is front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or all wheel drive. If you will use two different types of tires, then it would give your vehicle a split personality as the front and rear tires won’t be working together. If you want proper control and safety in tough cold weather conditions, then you must use four winter tires. If you will try keeping two snow tires on the front of the car and all season tires on the back, then you all season tires would not be able to wear evenly.

winter tires

I have all wheel drive or four wheel drive so I don’t need winter tires, right?

This is not correct. The overall traction is improved by the four wheel drive and all wheel drive as it sends the power to all four wheels and then you can accelerate. But keep this thing in mind that the four wheel drive as well as all wheel drive would be of no help of you put on the brakes. It doesn’t matter if you are accelerating, turning or braking as the winter tires would improve the overall traction.

Can I use my winter tires throughout the year?

This is not recommended. The basic reason behind this is that if it is used in a warm weather, then it rubber compound can wear out at a faster rate than the all season tires. If you will keep on using your winter tires throughout the year, then it would cost you more than two sets of tires.

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