Is Your Garage Door Opening On Its Own?

Garage Door Repair Daly City, Larkspur

Are you using a garage door opener to open and close your door by just pressing one button? Using a garage door opener app to control garage door with phone helps you reduce stress and you don’t have to manually perform this job.

Garage Door Repair Daly City, Larkspur

However, sometimes, the door opens on its own without you pressing the button. If you are dealing with this issue, we are going to give you the solution, so keep reading.

Aging batteries

Aging batteries are the most common issue that results in the door opening on its own. Many people don’t change the batteries for the long-term. It is true that we all want them to last for a lifetime, but the reality is that they will wear out.

To resolve this issue, you just have to visit a nearby home improvement store and purchase the batteries.  If you can’t do this, hire an affordable garage door repair service.

Buttons sticking

If you are using the opener for a long time, then the door can automatically open and close. This problem occurs when the button on the garage wall or on the remote starts to stick or is difficult to use. It means that now, it is the right time to hire Garage Door Opener installation Daly City service.

Circuit board issues

If your opener is working fine, its circuit board will also run smoothly, but if there is a problem in this area, you should install a new board.

Many people buy the tools and equipment to handle the installation process of a new board, but we recommend you to rely on the expert garage door service Larkspur.

Wiring problems

When the wire that attaches the button in the garage with the motor is short, your door will open on its own. When the sensors are not working fine, you will experience the same problem.

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