Don’t Set Out On Your Next Trip Without Checking Out These Great Hertz Discount Codes!


Hertz is an industry leader in the world of vehicle rentals. With a wide range of vehicles ranging from passenger and family cars to cargo trucks for moving large loads, they have the vehicle to satisfy your needs.

Even if you’re not traveling, rental cars can be a great way to get an extended test drive of a vehicle if you are making considerations in the buying process. Instead of a quick pass around the block, you can rent a car for the day and take it on your usual drive and see if it’s the right car for you.


We found this great list of Hertz discount codes over at Slickdeals that we wanted to pass along to you to help save with your next trip or move including some of the following:

  • 15% off sitewide
  • 25% off for Hertz Rewards members
  • 30% off for weekend or weekly rentals
  • 20% off for senior travelers
  • 10% off for signing up for their email newsletter
  • Plus many more!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the great Hertz discount codes that we found that we think could make your next trip a breeze.

15% Off Sitewide Hertz Discount Code

This is an outstanding Hertz discount code, take 15% off your total on everything sitewide at checkout. Whether it’s just a daily rental, a rental you’ll use for multiple days, or a cargo truck for moving, you can save 15% at checkout.

Members Of The Hertz Rewards Program Can Save 25%

It’s free to sign up to become a Hertz Rewards Member, and that’s definitely something you should consider with this Hertz discount code that will allow you to take 25% off of your order at checkout!

Weekend Or Weekly Rentals Can Save 30% At Checkout

If you’re looking for a rental car over the span of multiple days this is definitely a Hertz discount code you’ll want to seek out. Hertz has many great options for these longer-term rentals, and Slickdeals can help you save up to 30% at checkout!

Hertz Discount Codes For Seniors

Many people aspire to spend their golden years on the road traveling and exploring the world. For drivers who are 50 years and older, there’s a Hertz discount code that will give them 20% off on their next rental. Whether you’re taking that trip you’ve always dreamed of or just driving to visit friends and family, Hertz can get you there and save you money along the way.

Take 10% Off Your Next Rental Just By Signing Up To Receive The Hertz Email Newsletter

Keep yourself in the know when it comes to all of Hertz’s great offers and deals by signing up to receive their email newsletter! Slickdeals currently features a Hertz discount code that will save you 10% off your next rental just for signing up to receive the newsletter.

No matter where you’re going, Hertz has vehicles you’ll enjoy making the journey in. They have a vast fleet of vehicles to suit your desires, and all of these Hertz discount codes at Slickdeals are a great way to get you to where you’re going while saving money all at the same time!