Different Types of High Performance Cylinder Sleeves, and How to Take Care of Them

High Performance Cylinder Sleeve

High Performance Cylinder Sleeve is an interior metal component inside piston which keeps it safe from wear and tear during working. There are three basic types of hot, finned, and dry.  Despite their different types, these protect the piston against damage and impurities in their own way.

High Performance Cylinder Sleeve

Dry Cylinders

These are the basic protectors, but can protect your engine against high temperature and impurities. These are made of high-grade materials including cast iron, as well as nick plating.  They are thinner than wet liners and don’t interact with the engine coolant, However they are closely fitted with jacket in cylinder block to protect the cylinder block.

Wet Liners

These High Performance Cylinder Sleeves  use a different approach to protect pistons. However they are made with the same tough materials.  Sometimes these are fitted with small openings which disperse heat and other impurities. If liner don’t have cooing jacket, one is installed by interacting with the jacket in engine block.

Finned Liners

Once again, the same materials are used to make other two liners.  These liners are made for air-cooled engine, and it works like dry cylinder liner, and acts as the cooling medium for motor is air. These are made with tiny fins, and let air inflow to draw with force around the cylinder to offer cooling.

How to Minimize Damage?

With constant use and press your High Performance Cylinder Sleeve will go through serious wear and tear. There is no way around it, however you can take some precautions to control the extent of damage.

  • You need to fit the piston rings properly
  • Warm the engine before putting in gear
  • Make sure the fuel injector is well taken- care of
  • Maintain the fuel storage and purification plant

These tips will make sure you don’t have to replace your piston sleeves very often.