Car Reviews – The 2018 Audi RS8


Audi is one of the main car manufactures in the world, known for its exclusive car designs and powerful performance. Today, we’ll talk about the most-anticipated 2018 Audi RS8. You may have heard different reports and rumors suggesting different stories. But here, we’ll focus on brining you the right info based on Audi’s previous manufacturing behavior.

When it comes to design, the new car will replicate exterior look from Prologue Concept but with a little touch of RS design elements. In short, the new 2018 Audi RS8 will be a great car from all angles. What we can safely expect is an all-new diffuser and exhaust outlets, RS-styled honeycomb, super great performance with new wheels coming with red brake callipers.

Both exterior and interior of the car will surely have a wow factor. Talking about the inside cabin, the new vehicle will sport a luxurious yet comfortable interior. Carbon fibre elements, Alcantara leather, sport seats and improved infotainment system are the main highlights of Audi RS8 interior.

The addition of high-gloss Black front Grille together with honeycomb design makes it one of the best-looking cars. The roofline will be a little sleeker than the recent A8 and S8 models. All the seats will be covered with high-class Alcantara leather that adds more sophisticated look to the cabin.

There’re also some reports suggesting that upcoming car will feature an upgraded console and dashboard. The infotainment system will also get updated with the latest and high-end technology to meet modern day needs.

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