2016 Nissan Titan XD Gasoline V-8


The Titan XD will be released as a four-door crew cab having a 151.6-inch wheelbase, and an ample of the 6.5-foot cargo bed, a perk with the option to shift among either two or four wheel drive.


Various variants of Titan XD are released this year. The vehicle costs about $ 40,255 the prices of other releases are:

  • S Crew Cab 4×2 $36,485
  • S Crew Cab 4×4 $39,485
  • SV Crew Cab 4×2 $40,255
  • SV Crew Cab 4×4 $43,205
  • Pro-4X Crew Cab 4×4 $47,165
  • SL Crew Cab 4×2 $48,225
  • SL Crew Cab 4×4 $51,225
  • Platinum Reserve Crew Cab 4×2 $53,665
  • Platinum Reserve Crew Cab 4×4 $56,715


The Titan XD has various cool features to attract a buyer’s attention. The vehicle has an ample of wheel base 17-20 inch either two or four wheel drive or a 7-speed automatic transmission.